MNCAR Focus/Get to know your Board of Directors

Get to know your Board of Directors

Interview with Board Member Sheila DeVine of Warnert Commercial Real Estate


Q. What advice would you give to someone starting out in this career?

A.  Find a mentor.  Get involved in your community whether volunteering or hands on civic involvement by being on a board.  Check your city website for opportunities.



Q.  What is your hidden talent? 

A.  I am currently taking guitar lessons and I have been singing in a studio for many years recording with friends.  Not to mention loving finding time to be a Nana/Grandma to 10 grandkids!  The loves of my life!



Q.  If you won the lottery—what would you do first?  

A.  I would take the entire family - all 16 of them – on a fantastic vacation – and then I would plan one on one vacations with each of my grandchildren to a place they would love to experience.



Q.  If you could live anywhere—where would it be? 

A.  With all my grandkids here in MN – I would live on a lake close to the St. Cloud area so they can visit and enjoy anytime they want.  



Q.  What is one word that describes you? 

A.  Hmmm… only one word?  Really?  Impossible!



Q.  Who do you admire most? 

A.  My three boys.  The best sons, fathers, and husbands.



Q.  What is a challenge you have overcome?

A.  Single parenting of three boys – didn’t think I would survive sometimes and I am glad they did!



Q.  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

A.  Doctor.



Q.  What is your favorite movie? 

A.  I love too many to pick one!



Q.  What is your unique hobby?

A.  Singing/Guitar/Piano 



Q.  What is your proudest moment? 

A.  Every time a grandchild is born is my proudest moment.  Truly.



Q.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

A.   Hopefully, on a lake with grandkids all around - On Golden Pond – the movie - I want a “True North” experience for my little ones.



Q.  What piece of technology couldn’t you live without? 

A.   iPhone, of course!



Q.  What would you rather do than go to work Monday morning? 

A.  Gardening...Ha, didn't mention that earlier, did I!