Mapping Tools

Create Maps Online

MNCAR Exchange GIS Mapping System
View property, ownership, and tax information for an 8-county area; measure areas; create aerial maps with markups

Make a Map by ESRI
Create maps with demographics layer and send personalized link

My Map by ESRI
Create maps using 12 base maps and great markup tools and then save, print, or share via social media

Desktop Mapping Programs

ArcGIS Explorer
Create map tours with markups and graphic overlays; measure lines and areas

Google Earth
View 3D buildings, create 3D Tours and styled maps, and attach hyperlinks, photos, videos, and other files

Mobile Mapping Applications

Display maps, measure lines and areas, and find current and other locations

Business Analysis Online (BAO) by ESRI
Find locations that meet requirements, view demographic information, compare locations, and email reports 

Search listings; view mapped results and listings details

Online Mapping Utilities

Zip Code Finder by Radius
Find all zip codes in a radius around a chosen location

Distance Finder
Find the distance between two sites in a direct line or while driving

Measure distance and multi-mode travel time
Find travel time for many modes of transport from walking to flying

Measure polygon area
Measure areas and perimeters and view the output in miles, kilometers, and acres

Triple map search
View a location simultaneously from aerial, birds-eye, and street views

Geo-coding Tool
Find latitude and longitude for a location and click to drag and adjust if needed

Batch Geo
Geo-code a list of addresses and create a map showing their locations and related information

Topographical maps by location
Enter locations to view exportable topographical maps

City, County, and Zip Code Boundary Maps
View boundaries for cities, counties and zip codes on color-shaded maps