Send Broadcast Email

What is Broadcast Email?

Broadcast Email is a benefit of MNCAR Exchange membership. It allows you to quickly communicate listing information or user requirements to other commercial real estate brokers.

How can it help me?

Each recipient can specify the types of emails they wish to receive, allowing you to target your messages to find the perfect buyer for your sale listing or perfect space for your tenant.

How do I send Broadcast Email?

1.  Log on to by clicking on the gold, Member Access button on the left hand side of the MNCAR home page.

2.  Enter your Email and Password on the My Account Sign In page; this action will open your My Account>Edit Account page.

3.  Click on the yellow, Broadcast Email button; this action will open the Send A Broadcast Email>Edit Email page    


4.  On the Send A Broadcast Email>Edit Email page, describe your message by selecting the appropriate button for email type, property type, transaction type, and all other required fields

NOTE:  Best practices for selecting markets
  • For listings, select the market where the property is located
  • For a user requirement, select the markets you’re interested in




5.  Enter your messages in the editor and click Preview Your Message

6.  After reviewing your message, click Choose Your Recipients in the bottom right corner

7.  Check the box next to each name to select your recipients, then click Send Your Message