Change Your Broadcast Email Preferences

What are Broadcast Email preferences?

These are the distribution groups that are available in the Broadcast Email System.

How can it help me?

You can select the types of broadcast emails that interest you in order to make the emails you receive more relevant and reduce the number of messages that you receive.

Where do I find it?

1.  Log on to by clicking on the gold, Member Access button on the left hand side of the MNCAR home page.

2.  Enter your Email and Password on the My Account Sign In page and then click the Login button; this action will open your My Account>Edit Account page.

How do I use it?

1.  On your My Account>Edit Account page, click on the gold, Update Account button on the left side of the page.


2.  Click the Broadcast Email Preferences link at the top of your My Account>Edit Account page.

3. Click the available category checkboxes to add and remove checks as appropriate.

3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Your changes will take effect immediately!