Track CE Credits

What is the CE Credit Calculator?

The CE Credit Calculator is a tool that allows you to view CE credits you’ve earned during the current CE credit year. Credits earned through MNCAR appear automatically, and those earned through other organizations can be added.

How can it help me?

If you have CE credit requirements, this tool will help you to keep track of your progress towards the year’s requirement.

Where do I find it?

1.  Log on to by clicking on the gold, Member Access button on the left hand side of the MNCAR home page.

2.  Enter your Email and Password on the My Account Sign In page; this action will open your My Account>Edit Account page.

3.  On your My Account>Edit Account page, click on the gold, CE Credits button on the left side of the page; this will take you to the View MNCAR CE Credit History page.

How do I use it?

1.  Your current CE Credit total is displayed automatically.

2.  Use the drop down menu to choose the period to see your CE Credits.

3.  To add additional credits not earned through a MNCAR event, click on the blue, Add CE Credit link in the upper-left corner of the View MNCAR CE Credit History page.