Past Presidents

Being elected as the MNCAR Board President has a long and prestigious history.

Check out our most recent Board Presidents below and a list of all the presidents below that.


Lisa Christianson.jpg2018 Lisa Christianson

2017     Steve Shepherd

2016     Todd Hanson

2015     Andy McIntosh

2014     Jen Helm

2013     Duane Poppe

2012     Tom Tracy

2011     Brad Butler

2010     Nathan Arnold

2009     Tony DelDotto

2008     Bruce Carland

2007     Kevin O'Neill

2006     Dan Gleason

2005     Roger Christensen

2004     Mike Salmen

2003     John McCarthy

2002     Russ Crawford

2001     Joseph Smith

2000     Jim Freytag

1999     Mark Sims

1998     Philip Simonet

1997     Tom Shaver

1996     Steve Chirhart

1995     James Maciej

1994     Jon Peterson

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