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By submitting the MNCAR Exchange "Additional User" application, along with appropriate payment, you are applying for, and upon approval, initiating your membership in the MNCAR Exchange. 

Please note: If you are completing this application, your company must currently be a member of the MNCAR Exchange. If your company is not currently a member, please complete the "MNCAR Exchange: New Company" application found here

Prorated Payment Schedule—Submit prorated payment shown determined below. Please note, if you are joining as an additional user at a separate branch office, an additional $90 office fee may be needed with payment. Contact the MNCAR office at 952-908-1780 if you are unsure.

Please completely fill out application, include payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or we can invoice you.

Cancellation Policy: You must notify MNCAR within 20 days of receiving quarterly billing if you wish to cancel your membership with the MNCAR Exchange (billing sent at the first day of every quarter). To cancel membership, fill out the "Resignation Form" found at and mail/fax to MNCAR office. Members of the MNCAR Exchange who wish to cancel after the 14 day grace period will be responsible for paying the quarterly bill and held liable for all outstanding membership dues and late fees. There are no refunds.

*Pricing subject to change.

This application, with appropriate payment, will allow unlimited access to the MNCAR Exchange for any REALTOR® or Licensed Member whose company is an active member of the MNCAR Exchange.

To join the Exchange through our website, you must be a member of MNCAR. Please login below, otherwise please call us at 952.908.1780

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