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By submitting the MNCAR Exchange Membership Application, along with appropriate payment, you are applying to be the primary user and starting up your company's membership with the MNCAR Exchange. The MNCAR Exchange is the commercial property database that is owned by the Minnesota Commercial Association of Real Estate® (MNCAR).

Membership with the MNCAR Exchange provides you with the ability to:

  • Reach over 1100 members using our targeted E-mail system;
  • Search the database for perspective property;
  • List the property you are representing;
  • Run detailed reports;
  • Gain a professional edge on the market;
  • Plus more!

Your company purchases the number of passwords based on the number of listing agents that need access to the MNCAR Exchange. The primary user fills out the application on page 2. All additional users fill out the "Additional Exchange User" applications found at Please completely fill out application, include payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or we can invoice you.

Payment Schedule—Submit your prorated quarterly fee, as well as a $250 one-time initiation fee.

                                   If you are re-joining after a lapse of membership, reinstatement fee is $100.

For each following quarter, your company will be billed*.  *Pricing subject to change.

Cancellation Policy: You must notify MNCAR within 14 days of receiving quarterly billing if you wish to cancel your membership with the MNCAR Exchange (billing sent at the first day of every quarter). To cancel membership, fill out the "Resignation Form" found at and mail/fax to MNCAR office. Members of the MNCAR Exchange who wish to cancel after the 14 day grace period will be responsible for paying the quarterly bill and held liable for all outstanding membership dues and late fees. There are no refunds.

The undersigned requests participation in the MNCAR Exchange commercial property database and certifies that the undersigned will comply with the following requirements: 

Any REALTOR® (principal) member of any firm comprised of REALTOR® members belonging to a REALTOR® Association is eligible to participate in the MNCAR Exchange upon agreeing in writing to conform to the Exchange Rules and Regulations and to pay the service fees and charges which are or may hereafter be adopted for the operation of the MNCAR Exchange.

This application provides access to the MNCAR Exchange commercial property database for one licensed, practicing agent.

To join the Exchange through our website, you must be a member of MNCAR. Please login below, otherwise please call us at 952.908.1780

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