MNCAR –  Monthly Spotlight- Tricia Pitchford, Mid-America Real Estate 

1.   How long have you been a MNCAR member? 
1997 – 25 years ago!
2.   In one sentence, what do you want MNCAR members to know about your business? 
It is constantly changing and we need to be flexible.
3.   Name one fun fact that makes your company or yourself different from others. 
We only focus on retail so every deal is celebrated regardless of size because we all understand what it takes to put together even the small 1200 sf deals.
4.  What would you tell other CRE professionals about the need to join MNCAR?
It is a wonderful opportunity to network with peers and to showcase your listings to the local brokerage community.
5.  What was your most interesting project of the year and why? 
The Dayton’s Project has been a long process but such an amazing experience to watch a building transition thru a historic preservation and be delivered to the marketplace as a beautifully transformed building.
6.  Something that took you a long time to learn in the CRE industry?
 That you need enough deals in the works so that when one or two (or more) fall thru you have others to rely on.
7. What do you enjoy most about the CRE industry? 
The flexibility and the people.
8. Any advice you have for someone considering the CRE industry?
 Be patient and understand there is no fast track to learning the business or being successful. Listen, learn and be humble which will provide a strong foundation for success down the road.
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